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Accelerated Growth Solutions (AGS) is a collective of HVAC equipment representatives, engineers, and consultants who have recognized a serious need for indoor agriculture industry specific environmental controls and HVAC equipment.  Commercial indoor agriculture is still in the infant stages and therefore lags in best industry practices in regard to facilities design and integration.  AGS has the experience to navigate challenges associated with indoor agriculture and specializes HVAC design and equipment selection.

  • Modulating Hot Gas Reheat
  • Built in Custom Carbon Filtered Power Exhaust
  • CO2 Alarm Purge System
  • Lighting Control and HVAC
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Conor Guckian

It is our promise that we will work with our clients on an individual basis to properly size their system and deliver an HVAC system that meets both their capital and operating expense budgets. We give growers the tools and environments for success.

- Conor Guckian
Chief Executive Officer, Accelerated Growth Solutions

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About Accelerated Growth Solutions

Grow facility climate is an incredibly dynamic challenge due to the logarithmic increase of plant transpiration that accompanies the plant's growth cycle.  It is our goal to evaluate your facility's individual load profiles and suggest equipment and designs to perfectly control your environment and provide protection against system failures that can decimate your company's yields.

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We utilize AGS and AAON products exclusively at our High Life Farms Desert Hot Springs grow facility. With over 840 flower lights in an indoor environment, controlling humidity and room environment is tantamount to our success. The engineering and controls that AGS has developed have enabled us to be successful where others have failed. Our ability to accurately and reliably control the temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide levels in our rooms has been nothing short of phenomenal.

We currently have three construction projects underway and we are utilizing AGS products exclusively. As this industry develops, and continues to become more and more competitive, we need to stay ahead of the curve and ensure our products of the highest yielding, and highest quality cannabis in the industry. AGS and Conor are trusted partners on our path to success.

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Jason Pasko

Chief Operating Officer, High Life Farms

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Accelerated Growth Solutions

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Conor Guckian

Founder & CEO

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Mark Schroeder

Project Manager

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Ryan Payne

Marketing Director

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Clint Baker

Sales Engineer

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Mark Farber

Sales Engineer

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Ryan MacIntyre

Sales Manager