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Industry veterans with over 60 years HVAC experience

Accelerated growth solutions (AGS) provides complete systems that regulate and control indoor commercial cannabis environments to the highest levels of precision and efficiency. Our team of professionals have the unique combination of HVAC and Cannabis expertise that will take your production facility to it’s greatest potential!

William Murray EC4B testimonial

While the cannabis industry is relatively young, EC4B Engineering has dozens of indoor cultivation projects dating back 20 years. For our first few cannabis projects, controlling temperature and humidity levels to optimize growth and production in the cultivation spaces was expensive, and an endless struggle. Thankfully, we came across the AGS product line and their people. Their equipment is custom designed for the indoor cultivation market, mostly cannabis, and has allowed us to deliver cost effective solutions with reliable control to our clients. As other systems can't modulate and respond effectively, we have standardized our designs on the AGS product lines, with excellent success

- William A. Murray, Jr., PE, LEED AP
Principal, EC4B Engineering, P.C.

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At Grow Industries we have been building cultivation facilities for over 14 years and have used or evaluated nearly every brand of cultivation climate control equipment on the market. Only AGS has been able to provide us highly functioning, precisely controlled systems that can fit our clients facilities physically as well as fit their budgets and schedules. From simple air-cooled rooftops to complex and cutting edge co-generation systems and custom air handling , AGS always has the right equipment solution and the level of DDC controls to make that equipment function and provide the grower the highest level of analytics available.

- Jesse Elkins
Industrial Designer, Grow Industries


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We develop all of our systems to provide the tightest controlled environments -- while consuming the least amount of energy

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Ryan Payne

Ryan is the marketing director for Accelerated Growth Solutions. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a focus in marketing at California State University. Prior to joining AGS, Ryan spent 15 years consulting for indoor and outdoor private and commercial growers that service the medical cannabis industry. His experience in a hands-on role working through the challenges of improving harvest quality and yield is now backed by AGS’s advanced climate control technology. Working with AGS Ryan prides himself in maintaining strong relationships with current clients and providing a marketing platform to reach and gain as many new clients as possible.