Mechanical Systems for Controlled Indoor Agriculture


Accelerated Growth Solutions (AGS) provides the best climate control equipment in the indoor agriculture industry.  We not only offer the most efficient systems, but unrivaled precision in environmental control based on temperature, humidity, and vapor pressure differential.  Our experienced project managers and authorized representatives design complete building automation and controls to ensure optimum system performance and efficiency for your project.  We work with clients to ensure our custom designed facilities achieve perfect control over the growing environment.  Our projects range from small operations to some of the largest cultivation projects in the world.



About AGS

Accelerated Growth Solutions (AGS) is a collective of HVAC equipment representatives, engineers, and consultants who have recognized a serious need for indoor agriculture industry specific environmental controls and HVAC equipment.  Commercial indoor agriculture is still in the infant stages and therefore lags in best industry practices in regard to facilities design and integration.  AGS has the experience to navigate challenges associated with indoor agriculture and specializes HVAC design and equipment selection.

Grow facility climate is an incredibly dynamic challenge due to the logarithmic oincrease of plant transpiration that accompanies the plant's growth cycle.  It is our goal to evaluate your facility's individual load profiles and suggest equipment and designs to perfectly control your environment and provide protection against system failures that can decimate your company's yields.